2018 IEEE Middle East & North Africa COMMunications Conference


Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK)

Jounieh - Lebanon, April 18-20, 2018

Entering Lebanon

Beirut International Airport is Lebanon's only airport. Travelers with evidence of a visit to Israel in their passport are denied from entering Lebanon. 

A VISA is mandatory to enter Lebanon. VISAs can be obtained from the Lebanese Consulate or Embassy in your country. For some nationalities, VISAs can be obtained upon arrival at the airport, just before passport control.

For information on visa requirements please check the Lebanese general directorate of general security in the links below:

Visa Letter

Citizens of some countries may not be eligible for a VISA upon arrival to Beirut Airport. In this case, a VISA should be obtained prior to travel date from the Lebanese Consulate or Embassy in these countries.

To know whether you can obtain a VISA upon arrival to Beirut Airport, consult the General Directorate of the Lebanese General Security website.

In case a VISA letter is required, one could be requested after registering to the conference, by sending an email to with your name, affiliation, Postal Address, and the mention “Visa Recommendation Letter” in the e-mail subject.

Travel Document

Make sure you carry your passport at all times. Many Lebanese checkpoints require it.

Air Trasnportation

Middle East Airlines is the national carrier, which has an extensive network including Australia, Europe and the Middle East. 

Major international airlines service Beirut, among which:

For a complete list of carriers with flights to/from Beirut, check the website of Beirut International Airport 

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