2018 IEEE Middle East & North Africa COMMunications Conference


Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK)

Jounieh - Lebanon, April 18-20, 2018

Panel Discussion Speakers

 Mr. Nicolas Sehanoui
Former Minister of Telecommunications in Lebanon
Biography: Former Minister of Telecommunications in Lebanon, also Author of “The Future is ours if”. Nicolas Sehnaoui, activist since 1989, took part in the Parliamentary Elections taking 47% of the votes. Received a BA in Economics from Paris 2 Assas in 1992, as well as an MBA from ESA in 2000.
In 2000, Sehnaoui became chairman of the board of Sogecap, a leading life insurance company and in 2004, chairman of the board of Sogelease Liban a financial leasing firm. He held both positions until early 2008. Since 1996, he has been a board member of Sehnaoui Plant a regional construction equipment distribution company.
Sehnaoui served as the Minister of Telecommunications of the Republic of Lebanon between June 2011 and February 2014. Under his leadership, the Ministry of Telecommunications (1) upgraded antiquated copper backbone to fiber optics and DWDM latest technologies with plans ready for FTTC and FTTB, (2) replaced ancient EDGE cellular networks with 3G across the country and 50 Mbit/s 4G LTE in greater Beirut, (3) and increased Lebanon’s international bandwidth tenfold via IMEWE whilst securing redundancy through participation in the Alexandros submarine cable; all while reducing internet & mobile costs by over 80%. By June 2013, with the infrastructure well on its way to recovery, Sehnaoui turned his attention to Lebanon’s knowledge economy, more specifically its digital economy: he created Beirut Angels - Lebanon’s 1st tech startup angel network - and actively supported the creation of Banque du Liban Circular 331 – a groundbreaking 400 million USD equity investment guarantee initiative that transformed Lebanon’s banks into VC-oriented institutions. Sehnaoui is now leading Lebanon’s Digital Roadmap Steering Committee to ensure the successful implementation of BDL C331. All these efforts where measured & confirmed by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union that ranked Lebanon 1st in progress out of 157 countries in the 2012 ICT Development Index (IDI). Prior to taking office, Sehnaoui successfully managed several companies across a variety of industries. Sehnaoui is a strong advocate of a secular political system.
Beginning in 2011 and under Sehnaoui’s management, Lebanon has witnessed significant infrastructure upgrade investments, mainly, deployment of a 4,700 km fiber-optic network linking all telecom exchanges, purchase of 25% of the Alexandros submarine cable capacity (multiplying Lebanon’s international capacity 14-fold), launch of both 3G and 4G mobiles networks and a major increase of Internet speeds (15-fold for the fixed network with an ~80% price decrease and 18-fold for the mobile network with a ~88% price decrease).

 Mr. Raef N. Salha
Vice President in charge of HR, Admin & Legal Affairs at Alfa
Biography: Raef N. SALHA has an Executive Management record of accomplishment of over 20 years through a substantial international experience in Telecom start-ups, as well as business transformation.
Raef joined Orascom Telecom Group in 1999 and has held several assignments within its subsidiaries. He was assigned as Lebanon's “Alfa Telecom” Vice President in charge of HR, Admin & Legal Affairs in 2009. His contribution and Leadership resilience was instrumental in turning around Alfa’s organization; ensuing in less than 4 years in reducing the Company’s turnover from over 20% to 2% while increasing its “Human Capital Value Added” ratio by more than 15%.
Among his previous positions, Raef was part of the Team who led in 2002 the start-up of the Algerian Subsidiary of Orascom Telecom Group, “Djezzy”. In addition to his role as Chief Admin, HR & Legal Affairs Officer, responsible for over 4,500 employees, he took helm of Djezzy’s East & West decentralized business units managing its Technology, Commercial, and Financial departments, in an increasingly complex environment of government regulations in the country. He left Djezzy in Feb 2009 with more than 15M subscribers, 2 Billion USD of turnover and >60% EBITDA margin, driving OTA to its position of “Best Employer”.
Between 2000 and 2002, Raef was part of the team who started-up and built Sabafon Telecom, Orascom Telecom subsidiary in Yemen and has contributed to the growth of Orascom Telecom Holding to over 120Msubs.
Raef holds a Master's degree in Management, a Bachelor degree in Business as well as Computer Science from Schiller International University in Paris and the Lebanese American University in Beirut; fluent in English, French and Arabic, he has also followed many executive programs with institutes like LBS & INSEAD and others.

 Mr. Roger Ghorayeb
CT Head, Growth Middle East West at Nokia
Biography: Roger has 24 years of experience with a wide competence base covering implementation, management, business and technical aspects in mobile and fixed telecom networks. He started his professional career with Alcatel in 1994 and held during a period of fifteen years various leadership positions across the Middle East in the delivery organization. As the head of the West Middle East Growth Accounts, he has the overall responsibility for Nokia business and operations and driving the political alignment, business development, sales and strategy of the company in these Accounts. Roger is currently based in Beirut, Lebanon. He is married and has two children.

 Mr. Tarek Abdel Sater
Deputy General Manager at Huawei Technologies
Biography: Mr. Tarek Abdel Sater obtained a Masters Degree in Telecommunications and Networks Engineering from Antonine University, Lebanon in June 2005. Between October 2005 and June 2007, he was Project Manager - IN & VAS Engineer at Siteg Telecom, Dubai, UAE. Between July 2007 and June 2008, Mr. Abdel Sater was Project Supervisor at Nokia Siemens Networks, Dubai, UAE. He joined Huawei, Qatar & Lebanon in June 2008 where he was Core networks product manager and Regional site acquisition manager. Three years later, he became Director of Products and Solutions. Since January 2017, Mr. Abdel Sater is Deputy General Manager at Huawei, Beirut, Lebanon.


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